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Systems Inspired Leadership is a new and unique approach to addressing 21st century leadership challenges.

Here you can read 10 short posts about the special qualities and possible misunderstandings of System Inspired Leadership

reading time 10 minutes

In this podcast they talk about how to tap collective wisdom to navigate change, enhance agility, and foster collaboration. Their book provides a powerful alternative for innovative leaders. Instead of an outmoded, ineffective, top-down, leader knows it all style, Systems Inspired Leadership offers a fresh, proven approach for achieving optimal results for your organization.

duration 40:01 minutes

In this interview, Frank and Marita talk about why Systems Inspired Leadership applies to social change as well as business, why relationship matters, and how using these tools to shift the paradigm of leadership can help address the complexity of wicked problems the USA now faces.

reading time 5 minutes

In this podcast is covered:

  • What is and isn’t a Systems Inspired Leader.
  • How to empower leaders and teams to adopt this approach to leadership.
  • How Systems Inspired Leadership sets us up to better navigate the complexity and the destructive forces of the 21st century, and stepping into the collective intelligence of the system itself.

duration 35:24 minutes

Lyssa Adkins shares on Sheperd  her list of the best books for leaders scaling themselves to scale their business

reading time 5 minutes

In this podcast Marita talks with certified Scrum trainer Zuzi Sochova about Systems Inspired Leadership and the Agile way.

duration 42:59 minutes


can help your organisation to navigate complexity

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