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Marita Fridjhon

CEO & Co-Founder CRR Global | Author | Global Speaker |

Marita Fridjhon, born in South Africa and based in the USA, is co-founder of CRR Global. 

Marita has an academic background with degrees in medical and psychiatric social work as well as family systems therapy. 

Growing up in South Africa during the apartheid era and being a faculty member at Cape Town University profoundly impacted her and created the basis of exploration in systemic change. That became the driver to embark on cross-cultural research, including two years on the Amazon River and work in Brazil, Perú, Columbia, the British West Indies, and Puerto Rico, to name but a few. The outcome of these experiences provided training and focus on corporate, NGO, and government work using mediation, process work consulting, and coaching. 

Together with her partner, Faith Fuller, she founded the international training and consulting business CRR Global, home of the legendary ORSC curriculum. 

As CEO of CRR Global, Marita heads up a global distributed leadership team with partners in fourteen different countries and a global training faculty. She also develops curriculums and provides team coaching. 

Marita is a highly sought-after global speaker and is the lead author of the article “Relationship Systems Intelligence: Transforming the Face of Leadership” and co-author of the book “Creating Intelligent Teams” and “Systems Inspired Leadership”. 

You can contact Marita directly via www.crrglobal.com or by e-mail info@CRRGlobal.com.


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